Take a moment to listen to the wind!

Remember that in the day of you fathers father, they didn’t know the wind. They knew the word, but not the sound, or its freshness. The closest most came to it was standing near the Air Columns. But that was the price of surviving the Horrors. Think on that a moment. 5 or more lifetimes away from the wind. Now for a Dwarf, that might not be a problem, but for that same dwarf the desire to dig even deeper was often stifled, because none wanted to risk a breach of the protective walls. For a Windling or an Elf, maybe just 2 lifetimes…but away from the breath of the Earth, or the rain of the sky…

You are young, and do not remember, perhaps do not even know life in the Darkness that was a Kaer. Waking in the morning, to watch for your companions to see if anybody had changed..and whether the change was just the madness of the same darkness over again, or if the walls had been breached…and that death had found you…

The horrors we imposed upon ourselves, to be free of the Horrors coming from without. Our world is scarred both in the physical and the spiritual from both. You, my young heroes must go forth and soothe those wounds. Only time will heal them. But you must not allow them to be forgotten. None know if the Horrors are forever gone, or but dormant again. Each must remember what we did, and how the Therans tried to to advantage themselves from the horrible closed darkness. How the Elves of Blood Wood mutilated themselves, and yet live with that blight.

You, my young Heroes are not only the hope of those who breath deeply the wind now, but the hope of the coming dawn, so that we may always be ready for the coming again. But, that we may be safe from them those that yet remain.

So say I, Gurlain the one footed, Senior member of the League of Varulius’ Barsaive Exploration Guild.

A Time of Legends

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