A Time of Legends

Creatures in the dark
Gor Smallstep
Traveling for almost a whole moon, searching for some source of some sickness within a care. The winds have been flying strong, but it’s been all but uneventful. My new brothers have proven an interesting enough lot to travel with. Theres the dwarf, the elf and my half-kinsman. The dwarf, she claims to be the royal kin, and who am I to say she isnt? after all, I am a windling, who claims orcish blood. The elf intrests me. The elves I’ve met before are all vey slow to grasp the ways of the winds, but this one is different. He does not ride them, or talk with them, like me or my kinsmen, but the wind is with him. His arrows fly true and painful and although I would never disgrace brother with such forms of combat, it suits him well. Then my half-kinsmen. The other orc, Shurgfal, another interest to me. He has powerful blood and body, but he speaks to the wind, and makes it his servant. I respect the power, but is magic not an elders art? never-the-less I cannot disregard the power he wields. When we got to the river, intending to sail to our destination, we were foiled. or they were, there is no tear in my wings about flying there. The surface of the serpant was covered with a taint from nowhere. We stayed the night in one of the taverns, and set out in the morning. The path we traveled was overflown with the serpants swollen belly. The harbor masters son must have satisfied its hunger, the poor soul. Now we found some slavers old hideout… however, there was no slavers to be found. however the hidden strog hold was hiding ravenous little rattling creatures! the poor souls stood no chance between the elf and me, but there was nothing really to sing a song of.
on forward
** GM Update **

Crossing the Serpent on one of the barges, they head upriver. For 4 days, travel is fair, but that night a terrrible storm besets the river plain. It holds for two days, and the serpent is swollen. Late on the sixth day, they come to what once was probably a small tributary, but is now a swollen and dangerous crossing, so they turn north to see if they can find a safer or easier crossing.

Camping that night, Shurgfall falls through a wooden door into a 15’ deep hole. In this hole are cells…

They set about exploring the structure, surmising that it was at one time a slavers holding. While in the place they are set upon by small, naked humanoids wieleding small sharpened sticks. THey vanquish them easily, and leave the underground facility.

A mile upriver, they find a safe fording, and then continue to Lake Vors, 11 days later…

Trip to Duhmfrees
** GM Update **

And over the next 8 days, our valiant travellers followed one of the many traders roads out of Bartertown. While the trip was mostly pleasant and uneventful, they had one encouter. Crackbills, one of the many horrors of the open road, but seemed to deal with them handily.

Arriving at Duhmfrees, they find the port chocked with gray, foul smelling slime.

A quest is undertaken
** GM Update **

Verrili Tor???

In an annex to the Great Library, we find a young Male ork, Shurgfall, A male windling called Ick, a male obsidiman named Malachi, and a dwarven female called Tallesien. A band of young adepts come to claim their piece of legend, and improve the lot of all.

The heroes have been asked to look into the residents of a place called Verilli Tor, whose residents are always sick. Is it a horror? or a self inflicted Twin Kaer?


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