A Time of Legends

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** GM Update **

Crossing the Serpent on one of the barges, they head upriver. For 4 days, travel is fair, but that night a terrrible storm besets the river plain. It holds for two days, and the serpent is swollen. Late on the sixth day, they come to what once was probably a small tributary, but is now a swollen and dangerous crossing, so they turn north to see if they can find a safer or easier crossing.

Camping that night, Shurgfall falls through a wooden door into a 15’ deep hole. In this hole are cells…

They set about exploring the structure, surmising that it was at one time a slavers holding. While in the place they are set upon by small, naked humanoids wieleding small sharpened sticks. THey vanquish them easily, and leave the underground facility.

A mile upriver, they find a safe fording, and then continue to Lake Vors, 11 days later…


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