Gor SmallStep

The smallest ork you'll ever see.


For a windling he’s a giant. Standing at about twenty inches with enough strength to lift a young man off of his feet. At first sight, you would think you were looking at an orc at a distance and you would call your mind a liar when you see his wings. The armor he wears is riddled with small trophies and war paints. His face is harsh and lacking the humor that his light hearted kin wear. However, he rarely walks. He is almost always perched on the back of his zoak, who he simply calls brother. He paints it with similar pattern to his own and even adorns it with similar trophies. Though it’s almost silent in flight, when it’s perched or standing still, it chatters, and shows it’s displeasure with it’s lack of activity.


Gor SmallStep

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